Posted by: alison | February 16, 2013

USBBY’s Outstanding International Books List

cropped-usbby_logo_11.jpgThe list of Outstanding International Books 2013 is now available. This list is compiled annually by the United States Board on Books for Young People. It recognizes books originally published outside the United States and now available from U. S. publishers. Many of the books are on international themes. As a whole, this is a remarkable collection of books that reflect both the shared commonalities of youth and a diversity of experiences throughout the world.

An article with annotations is now available from School Library Journal.

This Google Map shows locations of the books’ settings and includes cover art and publisher’s description. A program outline for celebrating with these books is also available.

Constance Vidor
Director of Library Services
Friends Seminary



  1. Thank you for publicizing our list! I especially love that Google map!
    Robin Smith, member of the committee ( next year too!!)

  2. Also, I love your blog and use it with my students and inservice presentations

  3. Thanks for all your hard work, Robin!

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