Posted by: alison | December 29, 2012

Travel the World through Books

Name: Kathy G. Short

Institution: University of Arizona

Title of proposed program: Travel the World through Books

Audience: Children, Parents, Teachers

outstandingBooks used: Global literature by local authors, illustrators, and translators. Children’s books in world languages. Display of the USBBY Outstanding International Books
Materials needed:
Passports to be stamped

Brief outline of program or event:
Open house from 9-12 on a Saturday morning where visitors can travel from place to place in our center to get their passports stamped as they:

  • See the original drafts and illustrations and talk to 5 local authors, illustrators, and translators who have books in global setting.
  • Purchase their books and get them signed.
  • Listen to international readers reading in 7 different languages from a display of children’s books from those countries
  • Browse award-winning international books
  • Receive bookmarks and book lists on global literature (these will be set up in different stations throughout the center to facilitate informal interactions and the stamping of passports.)


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