Posted by: alison | December 29, 2012

Monsters of the World

WellingtonHarborName: Cristy Burne

Title of proposed program: Monsters of the World

Audience: Children of any age (tailoring scariness to suit)

Books used: Books that feature curious and fabulous monsters from around the world. For example: BUNYIPS DON´T by Sally Odgers features Australian monsters called bunyips; TALES OF THE TOKOLOSHE by Pieter Scholtz features the African tokoloshe; and THE TANIWHA OF WELLINGTON HARBOUR by Moira Wairama features the Maori taniwha.
Materials needed:
– Sheets of paper – Pens and pencils for drawing

Brief outline of program or event:

  • Read books about some of the weird and wonderful monsters that exist in mythology from around the world.
  • Talk about some of the monsters that exist in Western/European mythology (for example, vampires, werewolves, etc)
  • Ask the kids to grab their pens and paper and dream up their own monster. Encourage them to create a monster that is specific to them. Draw the monster and label its attributes. Does it have strong legs for jumping mountains? Does it carry a cake for feeding its friends? Does it wear sunglasses to protect its eyes from the snow?


  1. I love this! I might add Warwick Hutton’s “Odysseus and the Cyclops” or his “Theseus and the Minotaur,” Ana Luisa Anza’a “Ana y El Monstruo,” “The Hero Beowulf” retold by Eric Kimmel, and Patricia McKissack’s great southern US readaloud “Precious and the Boo Hag.” I might even employ “d’Aulaire’s Norse Myths.”

  2. To add to this list: “Flusi the Sock Monster,” written and illustrated by Bine Brändle (Germany) and “The Gruffalo” by Julia Donaldson, pictures by Axel Scheffler (England)

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