Posted by: alison | December 23, 2012

Riddles from Around the World

TSVName: Anne Pellowski

Title of proposed program: Riddles from around the world

Audience: School children of any age; public library programs

Books used:
Riddles in THE STORY VINE (Pellowski, Simon & Schuster); Riddles in FOLKTALES AND FOLKLORE OF MONGOLIA (Dashdondog Jamba, Libraries Unlimited); other titles in this series also include riddles; LAUGHING TOGETHER – BARBARA WALKER and many other true riddle books

Materials needed:
Books about the countries from which the students come, especially if there are any translated books, even adult books.

Brief outline of program or event:
For those schools, libraries or other agencies with a university in the community, approach the Foreign Students´ Office (or Adviser) and ask for volunteers from 3 0r 4 students from different countries (offer a small stipend if possible) to give a short summary of their favorite book when they were growing up in their country. If it was a translation of an internationally known book, have copies of those available. If it was a book known only nationally, see if they can either get a copy sent or at least get a few photos of pages and illustrations from the book sent by family and friends in their home countries.


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