Posted by: alison | December 23, 2012

My Favorite Book When Growing Up in ___

Name: Anne Pellowski

Title of proposed program: My Favorite Book When Growing Up in ___

Audience: Public library program attendees, school classes or assemblies; classes in children´s literature.

Books used:
Depends on books cited by foreign students

Materials needed:
Books mentioned above, plus American riddle books

Brief outline of program or event:
Have the children/audience give any riddles they know of that use common objects or places as the answers. Compare the difference in riddling language and strategy when describing an egg, for example. My favorite riddle of all time and one I use frequently as an introduction to an African story program ( riddles are often used to open storytelling in Africa) is this one: “I pass the living, they are silent; I pass the dead, they speak to me.” What are they? The answer: Leaves


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