Posted by: alison | December 23, 2012

Celebrate International Children´s Book Day!

outstandingName: Judi Moreillon

Institution: Texas Woman´s University

Title of proposed program: Celebrate International Children´s Book Day!

Audience: Middle School International Book Club students, preservice classroom teachers, and the TWU community

Books used:
A complete list is found on our wiki at:

Materials needed:
storytellers, contemporary international novels display, handout with wiki link for audience access after the event

Brief outline of program or event:
To celebrate International Children´s Book Day, graduate students and their professor in LS5633: The Art of Storytelling are sharing traditional stories from China, India, Ireland, Mexico, and Spain. In addition, we are providing contemporary international novels to browse. We used the Outstanding International Books (OIB) Lists from the U.S. Board on Books for Young People (USBBY) and the WOW (Worlds of Words) International Collection of Children´s and Adolescent Literature database to identify some of the contemporary novels. 8th-grade students in the Calhoun Middle School International Book Club, sponsored by English language arts teacher Ragina Shearer, and their parents will be among our audience. Ms. Shearer and Dr. Moreillon, assistant professor TWU, are Texas Ambassadors for the USBBY.


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